Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last week

Saturday: Took more than 1 hr 35 mins to do "double hill". Walked half of it. 1 hr afternoon swim. Packed bicycle at the bike shop.
Sunday: 1 hr 22 mins to do double hill. Couldn't keep up at all with the other Busso Buddies. Ended up jogging with a friend's son. Definitely time to stop all training.
Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: Nothing. Flight is leaving at 11.30 p.m. Sleep is not possible. Air Asia seats are simply horrible.
Wednesday: Arrive Perth around 6 a.m. Proceed to Bayswater car rental company near the airport (opens at 8 a.m.). Rental is AUD38 / day with GPS. Set GPS to Busselton CBD and drive within speed limits to Busso. Try my damnest to stay awake.
Do race registration. Have lunch and buy groceries at Woolworths. Check-in ECO Peppermint Resort. Try to sleep, try to sleep, try to sleep.
Thursday: Still disoriented. Unpack bicycle. Have bicycle checked by the Shimano people.
Parade of Nations is at 4 pm (my favourite). Meet the rest (KK Lee, Gane, Li Sar Oon, Randy & Ivie, Prois and Sandy, Miro and missus). Distribute T shirts we got for everyone, unfurl the flag and enjoy ourselves.
Friday: Maybe a little swim at the jetty. Bike and gear check in after lunch.
Saturday: Race day (oh no)


Emma said...

HI Sofian...didn't know you had the ability to predict the future weeks events before they happen :D
Can you read my future too :)
Hope you and Tip have a safe albeit uncomfortable trip (my turn next) and enjoy the the race. Will be thinking of you guys and try and follow on Saturday inbetween working at the expo in laguna!

tryathlete said...

All the best, Sofian!

sofiantriathlete said...

Your future dear Emma, is that you will qualify at Langkawi, go to Hawaii and continue to be loved by everyone. Or I'll eat my shoe. Must be a tough job having to go to Laguna.

Thanks for the well wishes. We will all think of you too. Sofian and Tip.

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks Ariff. Hopefully you and May Senn's trip next year will happen.

peter chan said...

sifu, have an enjoyable trip and a great race. may all go well.

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Peter. Hope your flu is definitely gone

yipwt said...

emma will have to go to Kona...or else sofian have to eat some shoe.

I think croc taste 'colourful'..

sofiantriathlete said...

thanks for the tip Yip. Well done again 100km