Friday, October 09, 2009

Trophy Returned

This morning, Mr Cheah kindly received the 3rd placing Trophy (50 - 54 age group) for the 70.3 Putrajaya Ironman on behalf of LIEM.
No one has even hinted to us to return the Trophy. But, we don't believe we are the correct third placed person and thus we returned it. One does not keep something that is so precious but does not rightfully belong to you, even if the Organisers handed it to you and they in all probability now, don't really know who the correct recipient should be.
We did the race as honestly as we could. The Putrajaya road looks exactly the same to me and I had no idea where the turning off was. At the fateful junction, only one chap turned left (I thought he was going home). Everyone else went straight, so I just followed. When Emma and Don Khor overtook me for the second time within a short time span, I realised I had done something wrong. We were heartbroken. The road marshalls were only directing traffic. Any advice from them was wrong.
At the end of the second lap, I took a proper look at the signs and correctly went left up the hill. IM Yap Eng Leong told me he had made the same mistake and was in fact doing the little loop twice. So I did the little loop twice too. We saw a signboard at the fateful turn off which said "go straight, no left entry". But just a few meters after that was another sign which seems to say turn left. In terms of KM, we did the full 90km.
I knew a disqualification was probably looming, but did the run anyway. You know I didn't take any short cuts at all on the run. IM XXX was being such a pain, cutting the cones in the middle of the road, not doing the roundabouts properly (I did every single roundabout properly, taking the long way around even when I was trying to chase Peter in front). The turn around at the govt offices, I did properly too even though IM XXX was screaming his head off telling me to do a short cut. I didn't.
I did the whole race with full fucking honesty, and now I return the Trophy with the same honesty as its not mine.


peter chan said...

sifu, your honesty, sincerity and sportsmanship is a great example.
you da man.
this little episode is rather unfortunate. what you did today is a classy way to put it to a close and move on. well done.

Simon said...

As I understand it Sofian, although you did the course in the wrong order on the bike the officials were accepting of that and quite honestly considering the confusion everyone should be happy with that.

Indeed I understand that MANY people did exactly that and were not disqualified. Nor should they have been. Only the people that didn't cover the 90k should be DSQ'd.

Let's hope that the orgaisers learn from this lesson and make future courses very easy to follow, even IMMY last year was confusing and several people did too few and too many laps. Crazy.

As for the run, I'm dumbfounded that not only do people cheat by cutting corners but they think it's a good thing, judging by your comments they think they're being smart rather than being out and out cheats.

You though sir are an example to everyone, as Peter said this is a classy thing you've done. I applaud you.

However, I shall not be removing your Third place photo from my blog, as far as I am concerned you are more than deserving of that trophy. One of the highlights of my weekend was watching you collect your podium placing. I'm not going to let poor aganisation take that away from me.


cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

you are the REAL athlete!

plee said...

You da man, Sofian! Honour, honesty, integrity .... this is what commands my (and many others) utmost respect for you... and why; as I said previously... You are always a champion in my book.

K3vski said...

True champion, enough said :)

How long would you be in Perth? So LD Worlds on or not?

sofiantriathlete said...

I am on the official start list.
I arrive 22 Oct, 3 pm. Stay at cheap YMCA, near race start (Langley Park). Race on 25 Oct, 8 am. Unfortunately I leave around misnight same day of race. I won't have time to see anyone I think. You have to come to the race (and keep my wife company). Sofian tq

Dancing Ciken said...

the organizer shld learn their lesson by now, hope it wont happen again.

u're truly inspiring, keep it up!

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks everyone.

yipwt said...

well...that's the real Ironman spirit. We do this, because we want it to be real. Honest as possible.

As for the organisers...I wonder why I am DNFed in the results in the site. Prior to that..i can see the paper results saying 7.

My bike meter says 89.5, and I did the loop thrice.

I am not concerned with placing so much, but at least get the results correct.

sofiantriathlete said...

Thats right Yip, we do it as honestly as we can.

So the shops at Fraser Gap are now open then, good. Well Done on your epic ride.

Emma said...

Man O Man...what a palarva! There are many cheats in this world at many levels, they beat no one but themselves from achieving true sucess. A cheater will always know the dishonesty that they have carried out. If they can handle that just to scrap a few seconds, minutes, km's off a race then so be it. You wanna it. They will never be a winner...becasue in their heart they will always know the truth that they cheated.
So for every cheater there are thankfully many many many honest athletes. One such athlete is you Sofian. You race becasue you can, because it makes you feel alive. You know you are not the quickest guy in the pack but you still go out there, race with heart, smile and enjoy and motivate ALL of us.
If there was a trophy that epitomises that spirit then in my book you would win every year! x