Sunday, October 18, 2009

Training Diary: Last week to LDWC

Saturday (Happy Deepavali): 150 mins light spinning. That was all I could do.
Sunday: 20 km run. 60 mins to Petronas. 4 mins stop. 68 mins back. Total 2 hrs 12 min. So spinning on the trainer is good for running.
60 mins swim.
Monday: No training. Sent bicycle for packing, they said I had to change the pedal (RM650). The packing is FOC.
Tuesday: 3 km swim with paddles (59 m 7 secs). Thats it, all training done. Next will be testing the equipment in Perth.
Wednesday: No training. Finalise packing.
Thursday: Fly to Perth. No training.
Friday: 20 mins swim with wet suit in Swan River (sunny day). Bicycle check up with official Shimano Mechanics. Tested bicycle 7km. Visit EXPO (don't buy anything - no money). Ask stupid questions. Official Pasta Party start at 6 pm sharp. Didn't go, had dinner with Guy and Jessie at Cicerellos. Wife wants to go to the mall - yuck. The wife has been absolutely wonderful though.
Saturday: A cold rainy day. Race briefing - 12 noon. Bike check in (9 am to 12 noon). Dinner with Kevin at East Perth. 30 mins jog in the rain.
Sunday: Race start at 8.30 am for my age group. Try to meet all the cut-off times. Pack bicycle after race, have dinner, go to airport. Flight is at 1 am (I booked wrongly).


peter chan said...

sifu, good luck for the race. have a great trip.
those running times are looking good !!! 60 minutes to petronas is impressive, keep it up !
went to the tri kidz thing at putrajaya this morning. great fun. julie, kalam and team did a great job. many of those 10 year old kids swim faster than me lah ... i half laugh, half cry.

K3vski said...

Rest well in these few days. You will need in the next few hectic days. No worries if you can't meet up for dinner, I'll see you next time :)

Oh, by the way, I'm predicting if the current warm weather is to continue, it is unlikely that's you'll be able to use the wetsuit on race day anyway.

sofiantriathlete said...

Wow you went to Tri Kidz. I am happy to hear, its good to support our sport's future. I gave a small donation.
You brought children or just to support? I am hapy to hear they did a good job.
Thanks Peter

sofiantriathlete said...

I told my wife about the warm weather, she is very sceptical, ha ha. Anyway good to hear.

John said...

All the best and most of all, enjoy yourself there!

peter chan said...

sifu, i took my 8 year old son to the tri kidz. he loves football but is otherwise docile, too much time in front of the tv and computer.
somehow he was motivated to join the race. even keen to train a couple of times ... maybe motivated by the photos he saw of uncle sofian in the blog :)
great experience for him, he enjoyed it and is asking about the next race. was so eager to show his medal to his friends today - he is a triathlete !!!
the overall race atmosphere was wonderful. great to see the strong, speedy kids. but it was just as wonderful to see those who struggled through - some swam half way, were struggling, and yet continued gamely with the help of floats. as a plodder/ struggler, i could relate to that :)

sofiantriathlete said...

way to go Peter, you and your son. I so happy to hear. Great family bonding. Great day for everyone and very good for the future of our sport.
I am also a plodder.

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks John Tan

Emma said...

Hi Sofian, Wishing you and your wonderful support crew (tri-wife) the best of luck in Perth next weekend. One of these days I hope to travel and do one of those races myself...maybe we team up..only so I can draft you swim of course!!!
So the tactics: Swim strong (I know you will), ride steady (I know you do) and then you know what comes next...:)
ENJOY, smile and come back in one piece, Emma.

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you Emma. Hope you have short nails if to draft me on the swim

plee said...

All the very best to you in Perth. Your run times are really looking better and better!! Race strong!

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks Paul.
Did you bring your kid for Tri Kidz?