Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Yee - may astound us on 10 Oct 09

Yee Sze Mun did his PB at Langkawi this year with a 14 hr 46 mins, aged 72 years old. Going through some old magazines, the winning time for his age group in 1994 was 15 hr 23 min by Bill Bell. Wow, does it mean Yee can actually be a World Champion at Kona?? Well, I checked.. the winning time in 2008 was 13 hr 45 min. Yee would come in 7th.
Read STAR's article on Yee dated 11 July 2009 and another one dated 6 Dec 2008 "Improving With Age".

Let us not forget Patsy Yap. STAR's funny / moving article on her "Nothing Stops Her".


plee said...

I salute them! All the very best to to Yee in Kona! And unstoppable Patsy... I was suffering badly from diarrhoea(IBS??)in the run leg at Desaru. Had to visit the toilet twice (with the toilet located 500m from the race route). Nearly gave up but then I saw Patsy start out her run ever so steady and constant.Inspired anew, I finished the race. Thx again Patsy.

sofiantriathlete said...

she is incredible.