Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 4 - just made it

"The last two competitors arrived at camp at 0105. Eduardo Rocha (Portugal) and Tan Tah Ming (Malaysia) soldiered on through the night, walking for more than 16 hours. Tan and Rocha were accompanied by Rob James and Dr. Rebecca Walker, who were sweeping the course. As it began to get dark, three more volunteers went out to glowstick the course. Piet Bosman, Leslie Cho and Guowei Zeng joined the trio to make it a party of six, providing moral support and bring the pair of competitors home to camp. It is a cold evening, with strong, dusty winds. Rocha and Tan were relieved to have returned."
What more can you say.
Day 5 (today) is even tougher, 78.7km which will take OUR HERO say 24 hours. Day 6 (on saturday), the last day is 10km.

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