Sunday, June 14, 2009

8 to 14 June 09

Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: 20 min on the trainer
Wednesday: 40 min on the trainer
Thursday: Nothing
Friday:40 min trainer

The previous few days, the haze was getting worse, however it rained on Friday night and Saturday morning was actually quite fine. It wasn't burning hot. Saw Sam, Simon and one more chap coming the other way just before I was reaching KK.
Distance: 136.70km
Ride Time: 6hr 16min versus 6hr 8m on a good day.
Adjusting my saddle height:
I have now done the Broga loop 5 times since IM LGK and since my bike position was done by Nick. Nick increased my saddle height as it gives time triallists more power on the flats and up hills, according to him. So my stats were;
Broga 1: 6hr 8min
Broga 2: 6hr 9min
Broga 3: 6hr 21min (felt tired)
Broga 4: 6hr 31min (lower saddle height, due to knee pain and a really hot day)
Broga 5: 6hr 16 min (even lower saddle height)
During Broga 5, I was absolutely struggling up the hills. There seemed to be no power during each pedal stroke. I was almost 3 mins slower doing Perez reverse. The plus point of the low position is that it is very comfortable to be in aero position.
The knee pain can be alleviated by adjusting the feet position and even by loosening the straps on the cycling shoes.
I have now decided to go back to the high position that Nick first gave me. Any knee pain I will try to alleviate by adjusting the cleats and shoe straps. I will forego the aero position which I always find uncomfortable anyway.
Another way to increase pedal power is by using longer cranks. Well since that will of course be expensive, I will stick to increasing the saddle height.
Nick also told me that the "ball" of my foot was a bit forward. So I got my wife to help adjust the cleats so that the "ball" is directly above the pedal spindle.
I have done the adjustments and it seems fine on the home trainer. This saturday we will really see how it goes.
Another taxi job. Simply ran out of energy after Petronas.

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