Sunday, June 07, 2009

1 June - 7 June Training (Broga 4)

Monday & Tuesday: Nothing
Wednesday: 50 mins trainer (reduced the saddle height a notch, trying to sort out the knee pain)
Wednesday: 30 x 100m on 2m 10 sec. Most serious swim since Langkawi, but the swim is still all over the place.
Thursday: 2km swim with paddles.
Friday: Nothing

Saturday (BROGA RIDE NO.4):
The lack of cycling (did not cycle last weekend) came through.
Ride time: 6h 31m vs. 6h 8m on a good day.
Distance: 136.96km (Batu 18 - Broga - KK - Batu 18)
Total time away: 7h 12m vs 6h 30m on a good day
It was a hot day. Up to KK, I was on schedule (3h 40m on the meter).
But the lack of cycling and not being in the sun did not lie. Just the cycling time alone was an extra 23 minutes from KK to Batu 18. Additionally, I took extra stops at the water pipe a third of the way up perez and at the first Kampong grocery. The water from the pipe / small stream was pristine clear and icy.
I am just useless in the sun. But I did manage to get back in one piece.
I cancelled my appointment with Nick Flyger and spent the rest of the day and night sleeping.
I was pleasantly surprised I woke up feeling quite fresh. So its off to Lake Gardens.
With the other races (X-terra, Klang, Penang Malakoff) going on, this was the smallest crowd I have ever seen at Lake Gardens on a Sunday. There were still a fair number of people on the road though:
Sam Pritchard running alone (he is going to do the Alpe d'Huez cycle race and then another triathlon race with Simon), photographer Tey (he greets everyone), IM Gane, IM Li Sar Onn (she was running for ages), Big Mac, IM Ade (nice to see her waiting for Mac), so many retirees - incredible, IM Abu, IM Cheong etc
Most of all, I was most happy to meet Malaysia's first Marathon Champion, AMARAN RAMAN. He did a 2hr 34m in 1984. He was friendly then, he still is. I gave him RM50.
Oh my splits were:
1h 9m to Petronas
6m rest
1h 10m
Total 2h 25m
Overall it was a good training week for me. It is unlikely that I will train more than this each week.

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