Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Training round-up

18 to 24 May 2009

Every morning (Monday to Saturday) it was 40 to 50 mins on the bicycle trainer. Its convenient to do this training in the mornings and its good for weight management. Be careful to not catch a cold by cooling down under the fan or by consuming very cold liquids. Unfortunately I seem to have got back my knee pain. So this week I won't go on the trainer.
Friday after work I did about 2km swim with paddles at PADE. Its been quite a while since my previous swim, so everything ached. I hope to do more regular swims now.
I felt tired right at the start, so I knew it was going to be a long day.
Cycling time: 6hr 21m (versus 6h 9m normally). At least I am developing a tan line (ha ha).
I have registered for KL Marathon, so I think we will put the bicycle away and head to Lake Gardens during the coming weekends.
On the "weighty front", I have stopped going to McD following a heartfelt plea by CHEONG. But I am spoiling it by having rice and curry for lunch instead. Something to work on.........


Emma said...

hey sofian, Could your knee pain be something to do with your bike? My knee started to hurt and it was becasue I was compensating for another pain whilst riding. The problem was my saddle - it had moved...only a tiny bit but enough to make the difference! See link:

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Emma,
Yes I have read your post. It can also be high saddle (pain behind the knee), low saddle (pain at knee front), cleat position, saddle for and aft, saddle level, old cleats. Yes just minor changes can cause knee pain.

Cheong said...

Hey Sofian, good to read that you have lay of the McDs. Some curry for taste is OK la as long as you dont banjir the nasi with the kuah and have it everyday. All the best in moving towards a healthy & balance diet ;-)

sofiantriathlete said...

Cheong, Maybe I won't go to McD ever again because of you. Ya lah, we basically know what is ok or not, but don't follow. Hopefully I will improve my discipline.