Monday, April 20, 2009

Scientific bike positioning by Nick Flyger

Most of us in Malaysia get our bike positions fixed by the shop that we bought our bicycles from. Nothing wrong with that, Joo Ngan or Edwin are not actually slouches.
In case you didn't know, you can also get your bike position fixed scientifically by the Senior Biomechanist of the Centre for Biomechanics, Inst. Sukan Negara, KL. Now that job title alone is worth a visit. I didn't even know Malaysia had such things.
His name is Nick Flyger, he does the bike positioning for our National Team and now, fat slobs like me. Nick organised the informal bike race that was held at Putrajaya on Saturday. The first three positions were taken up by P2K. Fourth was our own Simon Cross (read his write up). Well done Simon. Nick's race web site is here.
Using a camera and a bike software, Nick will analyse your position using angles. There are angles for roadies and angles for time triallists.
The main adjustments Nick made to me were:
1. Bringing the arrow pads closer to the body. I always knew the arrow pads were too far away. Silly me didn't know the pads were adjustable.
2. Increasing my saddle height a notch to 150 degrees from 148 degrees previously. Apparently thats the right angle for time trialling.
3. The front of the arrow bars were brought up slightly to "disperse" the wind at the front.
4. The cleat position was slightly adjusted, since I was having a knee problem. Apparently my cleats had moved and I didn't know. Also the cleats needed to be replaced. Now if a bike shop told you parts needed replacing, what crosses your mind (the shop wants my money). But coming from an independent pro, its something else.
Checking the cleat position
Checking the bike position angle
Nick also suggested I consider 175 mm cranks (for eg Chris Boardman has 190 mm cranks). Nick of course is familiar with all the National cyclists and what is takes to be a top cyclist.
Nick charges RM150 for his services. I did my set up at his Endah Villa Condo, near the Carrefour across the Bukit Jalil Stadium. I didn't know so many expat sports people are staying there. Even bumped into John Beasley who is now overall in charge of all the National cycling Teams.
Nick's new h/p is : 016-2680486
Have fun......
Remember its still training that counts the most.


Tuan Senang Besar said...

good stuff.

i was at the race last saturday.
rode a lap with them and pulled out after.

got into the car and assumed the lead car role.

which pretty much what i'll be for the next coming ones. haha!

come around the next one. good for speed work :)

sofiantriathlete said...

You are the King TSB.
That Cold Play song still ringing in my head.

Stupe said...

Tuan. Good write up. Nick has helped to fine tune some of our buddies ride and style last year. The 150 is money well spent.

sofiantriathlete said...

Ya lah. Never tell me oso. Take 100