Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Its RM350

According to Lyn, Putrajaya 70.3 is RM350 (early bird I think).
Call Lyn personal h/p: 017-2766038

Update, E-mail from Lyn.
" From: lyn@ironmanmalaysia.com.my> > > Dear Athletes’ we are open for registration for 70.3 and IMT 2010 at friday, april 3rd 2009!

We take this opportunity to invite you to officially register for the races as follows:> > Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya – 26 July 2009> > Ironman Malaysia – 27 February 2010> > Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information at srsgroup@tm.net.my or atack@tm.net.my"

No form or web site info was provided. So I suppose go to their office:
SRS Group
Wisma Tai Yoon
Lorong Medan Tuanku 1, Medan Tuanku.

Medan Tuanku is their new office.
(I hope to go this Monday, 6 April as I got a few other errands to do).


Keat Seong said...

bro, how do we register???

sofiantriathlete said...

At the moment its go to SRS Group office at Wisma Tai Yoon, Lorong Medan Tuanku 1.

Mack said...


It has been a frustration trying to contact the ironman Malaysia office for the past 2 weeks.

Tried calling (several times during the day) and emailing to get the comfirm fees & also to comfirm the address of their office (which differs from that mention in your blog. Website mention Wisma Sarma but your blog mention Wisma Tai Yoon - which one is correct?).

No one pick up the call, although 2 different tel nos were provided. (Tel: 03-26929034 & 03-26923171)

SRSGroup@tm.net.my replied my email but no fees & registration procedure (e.g. form) were mentioned despite resending the same inquiry several times to them.

Since you have contact with them, please give them a feedback on behalf of the potential first time participants to the 70.3 & Ironman.

All they need to do is update their website to include the fees for Malaysian participants (early & non-early bird) and the address of their office & contact for registration & please pick-up the darn phone. Its basic!)

Currently, I dont have a good first impression of their organisation skills.

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Mack,
Now you know what we have been going through the past ten years. The story that beats the cake is the 2005 Langkawi Ironman when less than 30 participants turned up and all that finished qualified for Hawaii. That was a world class cock up.
The thing is, if we kill the goose (SRS), then we won't even have an Ironman.
I have updated my posting.

Mack said...

Thanks for the update. Will "tri" and "tri" again. Looks like the same S#@! I have been experiencing in running events for umpteen years...I reckon.

Hope there will be somebody there to register participants when they pay a visit to their new office. No way of knowing since no one pick-up the phone.

By the way, what is the early and non-early bird fee for IM 2010 for Malaysian participant? Thanks

sofiantriathlete said...

The early or non early bird fee for 2010 still not informed, if any.

plee said...

Hi all,
I think best to go to the office to pay for reg of Ptjaya 70.3. Website seems cranky.

The 2010 IMMY fee for Malaysians is cfmed. In my (over)enthusiasm I reg and paid in USD300 on Paypal 1 month back but was reimbursed yesterday with the diff. so I paid aprox RM500
Cheers Paul Date 13 April

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Lee,
Yes I did go week ago and paid the 70.3 (RM350) and IMMY (RM500) entry fee. One time they were very slow in giving back refunds. Happy to hear about your enthusiasm and that you got your refund.