Monday, February 09, 2009

Three weeks to go - I have a cold

Its generally regarded that week 3 before an event should be your hardest week. Unfortunately the early morning cold sessions on the trainer took its toll.
Saturday (7 Feb 09)
As CK's wedding was at 10 am, the intention was to do 2 hrs on the trainer beforehand. Unfortunately I could only manage to do 1 hrs 45 mins and I knew I wasn't feeling well.
After the wedding, I was at Pekan Batu 18 at 4 pm. I couldn't even make it to the T junction, a flat 21 km took me almost 1 hour. The non-stop sneezing started, watery eyes, thats the long weekend gone.
No training day. Spent the whole day popping all kinds of pills to hasten my recovery.
  • 7 am was spent watching IM WA Busselton on telly.
  • 1 pm was lunch at IM Halim Jantan's house. A number of triathletes there: IM Patsy, Peter Lau, Nizar & wife, IM Raymond Hee, first timer Michelle showing her wounds from the previous day's fall at PutraJaya, IM Hin Toong, IM Sharom (rushing off to do a race at PutraJaya), IM Yee Sze Mun (officially completed 13 IMs), IM Ahmad Jauhari. One IM first timer cycled to Halim's house (Shah Alam) from Cheras (this guy has got what it takes) etc.
  • 7 pm was the dinner reception for the newly weds organised by LeTuang at Chulan Square. We had a whole section to us, roughly I estimate there must be 70 of us.

LeTuang was actually started by the new bridegroom. I suppose it implies a group of cyclists after "LeTua". "Tuang" is a common term used by my alma mater. At the Military College there was simply too many things to do that we were all perpetually "Tuanging" or "Skiving" everything. If we had to do say 20 press-ups, we would do say only 2 (that means you really are a good Tuanger). LeTuang is open to all people that love cycling. We are on Yahoo Groups, I suppose there must be about a hundred of us now. The conversation though is 99.9% about eating.

  • Monday. Felt slightly better and decided to risk a run at Lake Gardens. The car park was empty. Managed to reach Petronas in 1 hr 4 mins. I was sweating profusely when buying my drinks. The Petronas station has a gas pump, so many taxis go there. Also nearby are some stalls where all the taxi men have their breakfast. So I took one back to Lake Garden. Again people at the car park thought I ran back from Hartamas very fast.
  • After the run, swam 50 mins in my inviting apartment pool. Couldn't reach my one hour target. That will do.

REMAINING DAYS. Since I am not that well, I think I will take it easy this week, just some swimming, definitely no rides on the trainer. Sunday maybe do a long ride. The following Sunday there is a 10 km run from Dataran Merdeka. That will just about complete my preparation for Ironman Langkawi 2009.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - ZERO, NOTHING. Cold and flam still there. I can feel something sore in the achilles heel. Oh Oh hope it doesn't bother me on race day.

Friday -45 mins on trainer. Flam still there. After work it was a 3km swim with paddles. 57 mins 5 secs. Enjoyed it.

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