Sunday, January 18, 2009

Six Weeks to Langkawi

Six hills, 155km, 19.2km/hr, 8 hrs 2 mins on meter.
We have to be honest in our reporting, this was the first time I pushed the bike about 100m coming back up Ampang Hill.

Left the house about 6.45am, up Ampang Hill, Tekala Hill (from Batu 14), short drink stop at Lenggeng, up Lenggeng and Bukit Tangga Hills, less than 20 min stop at Petronas K Kelawang (the corn/jagung does wonders), Peres reverse then tebu stop at Batu 18.
It was a blue sky day. Up till Batu 18, I was ok, its hot but ok. Still ok at Batu 14. Up Ampang Hill was another matter altogether. The heat did not let up, both my thighs cramped so I walked the bike up the long hill. Cycled ever so slowly to the top and thought I was going to faint.
I SOS my wife even though it was only downhill home from hereon. It was 3.30 pm.
What I learnt was not to underestimate the heat. Langkawi will be something similar. All the best everyone.

Sunday. On this very sacred day for us, I had an "errand" to do at 8 am and it did not finish till 5 pm. No training. What a disappointing day.

Monday. Nothing. Bad migraine (must be the saturday sun kicking in).

Tuesday. 20 mins on the trainer, thats all.

Wednesday. 2.5km swim at PADE. The plumbing there is acting up again.

Thursday. 40 mins on the trainer.

Friday. 40mins on trainer.


Dancing Ciken said...

fuhhh what a training. all the best op sofian. i hope that this year we'll come to langkawi to cheer u up!

sofiantriathlete said...

u can have ur honeymoon