Thursday, December 11, 2008

Race day - bicycle

The bike route is totally flat. Initially it went by the sea / lake. It was windy at various places but nothing alarming. A lot of the route was thru pristine forests (Tuart Forest) which I really like. Initially lots of cyclists on the roads. Probably we didn't keep the required distance apart the whole way but I only saw one case of blatant drafting. Everyone knew it was a non drafting race. Many got drafting penalties though.

We seemed to see the same person throughout the ride. I controlled my temptation for a pee or poop stop to save time. The first lap I went as fast as I could and did it in 2 hrs 5 min. This is the place to get a good time so risk everything I reckon. Reality sunk in for the second lap and it was difficult to go aero, the thighs ached, the wind seemed to go stronger and my lap time dropped to 2 hrs 15 min I think.

Sorry, I am man OK and I miss seeing the girls cycling in their swim suits. They were all wearing some sort of cycling pants. Next time find a race where people don't wear wet suits I thought.

The last lap I didn't go aero at all and struggled for half of it. Somehow I got my second wind and realised I had my feet position wrong which caused the thighs to ache. Cyclists were now sparsely separated and it was nice to exchange words of encouragement with the others. Finished the lap strongly in 2 hrs 17 min.

Aid stations
Very systematic layout. The volunteers were awesome, enthusiastically handing out refreshments. It seemed to be their mission in life that the participants are properly taken care off. "Bananas yeah yeah yeah" was a cry I often heard.
I took bananas at most stations. Drinks was initially High 5, then water then cola. I also took gels and raisins that I carried. I have no idea why I take the nutrition that I took (at least I completed the bike without stopping).

Total bike time was 6 hrs and 37 mins. It was bright daylight and only two pm. Normally I change the sun glasses for the normal ones at this point. I actually had thoughts that I could do a Personal Best at 50 yrs of age.

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