Monday, December 29, 2008

9 weeks to Langkawi

Sunday (28 Dec)
I decided to do 30km. A veteran Malay with a moustache (Malik), who I always see at Lake Gardens / Hartamas had explained to me his 30 km route. Apart from the normal 20km, add going around the playing fields near Petronas (twice) and run back around the old Jalan Duta Government Offices and go back to Petronas before going back to Lake Gardens the normal way. I like this way as previously whenever I reach Lake Gardens after 20km, I just stop, no more 10km. This Malik guy does lots of running, he is a good simple person.

Saw loads of people today. John Tan at the car park, Emma and Randy Tan powering away everywhere, Power (Abu and Kodi) brothers and friends, Jason Thiang and Lee at Petronas, elite Kenyans, Chief Kutu, Doc Surgeon from SJMC, Richard spare part, lovely (not as lovely as my wife - she reads this) Chris from TTH, KK Lee (who was watching Busselton but I didn't see him), Gane (who did Busselton) in his BMW advising me to "no need to do Langkawi lah, don't train too hard" and ............ for the first time I met Kevin Siah (at the Petronas lavotory) from Perth. He is a nice young bloke.
Kevin and long time buddy Jason Thiang slugging it out
Running couple John Tan and Wai Mun (look at the tan on his legs, stop cycling John!)

Well my 30 km run took me a total of 4 hrs 9 mins. Well running is very much my weakness. I wasn't such a bad runner in my earlier days. I have a number of 1 hr 26 mins for an accurate Half Marathon. But now if I dip 8 hrs for the Marathon, I have had a great day. Thus I get my money's worth during the Ironman, all 17 hours.


kev said...

Another mention! Hehheh, you're too kind, Sofian! Happy new year, happy training, see you in Langkawi!

sofiantriathlete said...

ha ha
Safe trip back and take care

Chief Kutu said...

Buat 30km ya! No wonder no time to talk.....anyway well done 9-timer International Ironman & most important an OP!
Happy New Year brudder...

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you Chief. My life has not been the same since I met u ha ha