Monday, October 27, 2008


Day 29 (saturday).

  • 30 mins on the trainer before work.
  • Then.............. went for an afternoon swim (1.20 pm) at PADE Shah Alam. The sun was back after so many days of rain. It was simply simply lovely swimming in the sun. 28 X 100m on 2 mins 10 secs.
  • Tested Simon's wet suit for 10 mins (thank you Simon).

Day 30 (Sunday).

178 km, 8 hrs 42 mins on meter, average 20.4km/hr. Left house at 6.35 am and back home at 4 pm.

As always, long rides are a journey of self discovery. Negative thoughts plaque my mind here and there (I didn't carbo load, its hot, I'm dead, call the wife etc.) Actually the Power Gels (I had five) and raisins saved me. How come the Triathlon fraternity does not subscribe to raisins, it works.
The route was from my house, Ampang Hill, T junction, Broga, Lenggeng, KK, Peres, Batu 14 & 18, Ampanh Hill, Home.
Again no lunch, but I did rest for 30 mins at the KK Petronas.

Day 31 (Deepavali)
20 km run at Lake Gardens
1 hr 7 min to Petronas (a recent "PB")
10 mins stop, tummy ache, met Ihshal and Ariff
1 hr 12 min back
Total. 2 hrs 30 mins in total. It was 3 hrs 4 mins just two weeks ago.

I am actually quite pleased with my preparations for Busselton. I am not sick (no flu, which I get from cold showers at night/mornings). The two heels are actually OK. Thank you Dr Rozman (DSH). I have done a 20 km (10.8km last week) run on the day following a long ride, something I have not done before.

I now know what shoes to wear for the Ironman, not to tie the laces too tight, socks to wear. Swing the arms a lot. Its still a problem to maintain good form when tired though.
Bring lots of Gel and Raisins for the bicycle ride. Carbo load properly the night before. When hitting the wall, stop to gulp down the gel and water (its sometimes difficult to even open a gel when tired).

Day 32 (Tuesday). Just 20 mins on the trainer.

Day 33. &*%$£". Nothing, I was drinking coffee throughout the day on Tuesday, then couldn't sleep at night.

Day 34 (thursday). 47 mins trainer.

Day 35 (friday). 45 mins trainer


John said...

All The Best!

sofiantriathlete said...

Yeah man.
X -Mas Island was in the STAR yesterday 9tuesday, 24/10)