Sunday, July 20, 2008

PD Race Weekend

It was the biggest Triathlon event ever in Malaysia. A kiddies race, age group sprint and the Elite Olympic race just on saturday. On Sunday, it was the age group OD race.

We watched the OD Elite race. In the evening it was the carbo loading dinner. We missed the briefing.

Long lost friends I met included Davy Koh (Hawaii 1994) and Ronny Ng (Hawaii 19995). Lewin Lim, Lee Chee Wee Hoe (who both helped organise the first PD Tri in 1989 that changed my life). Hassan ex Commando (my long lost veteran rival). Jason Thiang returning to triathlon and duly beating me flat. Don Khor. Ironman Ong who did the Gold Coast marathon. Ironman Freddie who I drafted for a short while. Prof Khairuddin, Ironman Yee, Ironman Chan Chee Seng, Jamil Mat Isa, Ralph Dixon. Aren't these events just wonderful. That is why we must never knock the organisers.

The room was fantastic, only RM185, overlooking the transition area, plasma tv etc. Race day breakfast was nice too. The transition area was nicely carpeted.
Race start was in waves. The under 30, 5 mins later the 30 - 39, 40 -49, 50+ with the girls, then the relay.
The race had its normal whacking but no where near as bad as A Famosa. Water was quite flat, easy to sight, it was a beautiful swim into the Marina. In my haste I went straight into the earlier age group. I think it was Upiq, sorry Junior brother. Out the water in 28 mins, I've been swimming more lately and I know for PD, the swim is paramount.

The bike course was a perfect 40 km, which I did in 1 hr 20 min. The bike route was beautiful going to the original PD race route. Road was nice and quite clear. Unfortunately a there were a few crashes due to the large race packs tearing along. One group went straight into the marshall who decided to not move from the middle of the road.
My cycling was its usual useless self. I couldn't hang on to any train. So eventually I just cycled on my own. There were some really huge packs that just came and went. Emma a female was pulling a really long train. The people that I saw a lot during the bike included Ralph Dixon, Freddie, Meta, Hassan and so on.

I don't do any running due to my problematic feet. I only run on race day. That strategy worked quite well for A Famosa but not for Miri when I came in 2nd last. For the first time I used "elastic races" which my shoes very tight.
As I started the run I regretted not doing practice runs. My running was not smooth. When my favourite big girl overtook me I was devastated. It felt like it was burning hot. I think it was cloudy for only five minutes. I wanted to do another Miri (walk). But to my credit I didn't walk at all, though I may have been only plodding. In the last km I overtook my big girl. I called to her but absolutely no response. She ended up in the medical tent. Hardly anyone walked even though it was burning. I thought I sprinted down the finsh chute, but looking at the photo, I looked like I was just walking.

I dropped my bicycle strap lock. But credit to my wife, she went searching for that small item and actually found it.

I just sat in the finish tent right till the end of prize giving. My feet was in absolute pain. I couldn't even stand up. i'm ok now (9 p.m.)

See everyone again.


John said...

Well done. At least you didn't walk.

30km/h in cycling is not good, say who?

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you for reading

everybody overtake me lah

take care

Dancing Ciken said...

well done! kaki sakit pun belasah juga ye

sofiantriathlete said...

I have to belasah cos already skip racing for a few years and the feet never got better.

Your approach much better, wait till completely OK. Jaja boleh

Stupe said...


Your swim is super fast. i had to crank it up to catch you on the bike.

so that was what happened to the marshall...a train hits him, he laid unconcious though...he must had thought that these weekend warriors are just some bunch of slow coach on a sight seeing tour.

I pity him, when i passed him, he was being carried away by his mates.

sofiantriathlete said...

I didn't see it though, just heard from Ah Thiam who heard from ??? and so on

bola2api said...

well done to u sir. I also couldn't hitch any trains. Saw some super fast ERLs on the cycling route. mana aci ikut train.. memang la laju. so slow coaches like me terpaksa lah imitate an Ironman cycling leg by not drafting/hanging on to anyone.. hehe

hopefully someday i can do as fast as u. 3hrs 9 mins is good timing lah

sofiantriathlete said...

apa la u ni.
U have my vote for the performance of the race. I didn't fathom it properly until i read your very humorous report.