Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Elite Race on Saturday Pics

The Elite Swim Start (long run in)
Razani starting the bike
KimDino (2nd Msian)
Razani (3rd Malaysian)
The Elite Race (Olympic Distance) started at 4 pm on Saturday. Its only for National representatives. Msia was quite well represented by (in order of how they finished) Sharom, Dino, Razani, Eugene, Ah Thiam and Zafrul. I am not sure if this event had a bearing on the Olympic games qualifications.
Since it was 4 pm, it was low tide and a long run in for the participants. We the spectators had a good view of almost the whole swim. Sharom and Ah Thiam was last. Kim was only middle of the pack. Behind Kim was Eugene (alone), Razani, Zafrul then the others. Apparently the first swimmer did it in 16 mins.
The cycling and run was not spectator friendly. The Malaysian men all finished together overtaking Kim along the way. Kim finished with other girls.
Mok (SEA Games Gold medal) from Spore finished a close second. We are out of the medals but Sharom was first Msian, Dino, old man Razani then Eugene.

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