Friday, May 16, 2008

BUSSELTON here we come

I have signed up for Ironman WA Busselton which will be held on 7 Dec 2008.

By chance I read in the star of "free tickets" being offered to Perth for two days. So I booked two tickets (leaving on the 3rd and coming back on the 13th). The "free" tickets actually cost RM 2,400 return for two.

Then I signed up. Add carbo and awards dinner tickets for the wife, entry fee was AUS 710. Thats already about RM4,600 and counting.

This is a very good site to get all sorts of tourist information :

Very simple accomodation is about AUS 90/day. So far I have identified two places (Eco Park something and Paradise Motor Inn)

Add a hard bicycle case, a swim wet suit, that "free" ticket to Perth is very $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Malaysia boleh

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