Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Its Been Nail Biting

Chelsea has just drawn its game with Wigan thus effectively handing the BPL title to Man U. I suppose winning 1 - 0 all this time has finally caught up with them.

Last season I thought was one of Sir Alex's most incredible achievements after edging out Jose Mouurinho's Chelsea. Chelsea had the two previous seasons won the league with miles to spare. The news that Jose had left Chelsea at the beginning of this season perhaps meant that Man U would have everything its way.

But it was not to be, 2007 - 2008 was nail biting the whole way through. There was a real top four this time around. Chelsea were still good under Avram Grant. Arsenal started with all guns blazing but everyone seemed to knew that their bubble would not last due to their youth. I think the general expectation was that Man U would retain its title as after all it had added four very good players to is Championship team.

Its such a pity Portsmouth knocked us out of the FA Cup. That's the beauty of football, on its day any team can win. Thats why I and many football admirers would know that the BPL is the competition to win. It doesn't lie, the team at the top at the end of the season, is the best team in the country.
LFC has got 18 titles (kudos to them - blasphemy?), Man U should now get 17. Catch them boys.

The Champions League to football followers worldwide in general is probably more prestigious. As Sir Alex puts it, we now have a fantastic chance. The biggest ever nightmare for me would be losing to LFC in the Moscow final. They are very capable of doing it in the Champions League. It would render meaniningless United's marvellous record against them.

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