Saturday, March 08, 2008

Reunion with Dilbargh

In 1996, I studied at this place in Australia. I choose this place because the Gold Coast is one of the top few triathlon training locations in the world.

The University Pool
The pool was frequented by the likes of Jason Shortis, Brad Beven etc. Jenny Alcorn was the coach for the Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club (she still is actually). I joined them for swimming sessions and Sunday rides. I had the opportunity to draft behind World Champion Jackie Gallagher quite a few times.

One of the reasons why we go back to school is to make life long friends. For one of the semesters I had the pleasure of sharing a house with some of my classmates. All of them were from India.
A few days ago, one of them (Dilbargh Gill) was in town and we were able to catch up. Dilbargh has a "dream job" with a top Indian IT Company . This world class Indian Company provides IT services to FIFA, AFC, Tour De France, the A1 , even my beloved Man U. Dilbargh heads the Sports Division and travels 150 days a year.

He has a lovely Doctor wife working with the Harvard Medical Centre in Boston and a brilliant lawyer brother with a top legal firm in New York (they are both "trained" by him).

One of the pleasures of school is the lifelong friends that we make. Dilbargh, it was great to see you again.

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who is the handsome dude with you?