Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back to my school (RMC)

Our last training session before Langkawi was at my old school, The Royal Military College.

Thank you to Major Kalam, Nurina and their lovely family for their organisation, arranging for us to gain access and acting as the support crew.

I have not been back to my school for thirty years. Some of the other old puteras (like Stupe) were not even born when I was there. A lot of changes, but the familiar sports field where my college buddies used to excel in Rugby, Football and Hockey was still there. I only played a measly game called cricket (because no one else would want to play). The cricket field is still there I am happy to note.

We had a Sportsmen Prayer placed at the fields, it goes like this:

Sportsmen Prayer

"Oh God, please help me to win for I always want to win. But if in thy inscrutable wisdom thou willest me not to win, then make me a good loser. For when the great scorer comes to write against your name, he writes, not that you won or lost, but how you played the game."

We excelled at Sports and Studies (a little bit). Many of our former students are leaders in the Armed Forces, Government, Politics and Business. I must be the only twit that is not doing well.

The Day's Training


1.5 km swim in the pool. My time was 28 mins 29 secs. Famous and funny Azwar was in front. I noticed everyone actually did not have a streamline body, legs dropping, elbow dropping etc. These are common mistakes by beginners.


We all started together going through the congested Sg Besi town. That town may not be much, but during my student days to be there was heaven. Then to Putrajaya. The Group split, I have no idea where the front boys went. Luckily I had Chan and Adrian for Company almost all the way. Ariff was cycling well. I think a lot of the group will have good bike splits at Langkawi. I enjoyed the ride. Used big gear here and there, aero position felt comfortable. It was 50 km on my meter. Don't think I can match my last year's 6 hrs 50 mins though as my cycling mileage is less.


The front group had started their run, so I ran alone. I felt so motivated when Azwar shouted "go old putera". Yes he is right, this was my stomping ground during school. We did our road runs on the same road. Thanks to Major and family for the water support.

My new shoe , all the clothing all felt OK. So I guess, I am ready as ready can be.


zebrallini said...

old putera ... you look good yday ... this year boleh buat sub-16:50 ... see you on race day ... we cheer each other ok?!! :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Yes it was a good day yesterday. Thank you for your cheering and brightening the sport we both love.

Mohd Shazly Khan said...

Good Luck SIR.. When i see you at the race course, i'll shout the sportsman prayer out loud! i have in my head all the time.. and its still there after all these years


sofiantriathlete said...

U r a RMC legend Shazly

Anonymous said...

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