Monday, August 13, 2007

Going to Desaru

Barring anything unforseen, I will be going to Desaru.
Really looking forward, the trip has special meaning.

Last trip was five yrs ago when I met my w.... Race day oso my birthday. Going in a group (Edwin's). It will be fun just like old times.

Won't do well, may be 7 hrs or more. Around last placing as usual I suppose.

Yesterday did Titi ride with Ngae and Razak. Thanks Ngae for running slowly with me.


Ngae said...

Bro: Happy Birthday and enjoy the Desaru weekend. It is special for you and wife...

sofiantriathlete said...


Thank you. So clever to use internet now

Dancing Ciken said...

happy birthday OP sofian ^_^ can i draft u on the bike? hihi

Dancing Ciken said...

need your email add, nak invite

i did some justification on mine


sofiantriathlete said...


U cycle to Bentong so fast lah. I f u draft me, you will slow down.

My e-mail is

(no wonder cannot access your top secret blog)

bola2api said...

your birthday is on the 18/august?

same date as my youngest son!

happy birthday! have fun in desaru.

sofiantriathlete said...

Bola2 api (Aini)

Not going to Desaru?

I am much younger than ur youngest son

bacin said...

happy birthdayyyy... sorry lupa nak ckp masa jumpat kat desaru

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you Bacin