Monday, May 21, 2007


Saturday - Genting Ride + 10 km run

Nicklas (Swedish Embassy), Razak, Suhaimi, Helmi, Ngae, Robin, Robert and Peter
All ready to go

Two in the group stopped at GS. Ngae went straight up and down without stopping to rush somewhere. Robert's climbing time was 2 hrs 7 min (incredible) versus mine of 3 hrs flat (I was last). We had a long stop at Starbucks, Genting.

The last few kms were especially difficult. For me its a matter of going as slow as possible without falling off. At times I just wanted to put my foot down. But cycling is a mental thing. Think positive. Its the third Genting ride in the past few weeks. Going down is perharps more difficult. Again I was last. Did the McDonald Hill for fun.


Ngae had gone off earlier. So the big question, to run alone or go home?

I ran alone. Up the hill 5 km was 37 mins (same as last week). Had a good downhill , 31 mins.

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