Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Went to lovely Bali from 25 to 28 Oct 2006. This pic is me and wife with coincidentally two triathletes that took part in the ITU World Championships at Hawaii in 2005.

Thay are Tim and Heather from Gloucester, England.

One pic is the view when I sleep on the yatch. Life is difficult.


Anonymous said...

wow bali looks fun!!!

hows training going???

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Azhar,

I have been reading your comments everywhere.

I did maintain my training the past month. Lost a little kg (hope it doesn't come back again). Did 100km on Sunday. Hope to start increasing the mileage, work permitting.

Anonymous said...

wow 100km i havnt done that for a while..hehehehhehe..
keep it up!