Monday, May 29, 2006

Genting Sempah Weekend

My sickness is almost gone, so its slowly trying to get back the fitness.

My cycling "group" now comprises Ah Tuck, Leo , Albert and me. Two chinese and two malays (a muhibbah group). We cycled seprately from home.
At Orang Asli Hospital, I met Leo and then Nizar and Dr K. I hv not met them for quite some time.
Dr K beat me to Genting Sempah. There was a huge bunch of PCC cyclists at Genting Sempah. Later I think Bikepro's group came up. They were flying. Oh met Raffique (looks like he will be the MC for Edwin Ng's wedding reception).

We four slow coaches went back down for mee at the Orang Asli. Cycled home with Ah Tuck.
In total about 95km , 3 hrs 50 min.
That will do I am recovering from my sickness.

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