Thursday, March 02, 2006


Putting things in perpective

My last Ironman was in Feb 2002. I was already starting to get my feet injuries then. In Nov 2002, I broke my arm from a motorbike fall. I've gone for various kinds of treatments for my feet.
Bearing these things in mind, I am so happy I completed the Ironman in time, albeit in last position. Actually I had predicted my splits quite accurately.


Well the heroes to me are the back enders, people who struggle each step.

Francis Chai
Francis at 70 yrs for paying the entry fee and being at the start.

Yee Sze Mun
At 69 yrs doing 15 hr 1 min beating myself and Dr Tan easily. Mark my words he is an old man now. Stutters when he speaks etc.

Steve ??
How can such a huge person go below 15 hrs. Has made a mockery of the typical Ironman appearance. I think he works at McDonalds

Doc Ha/ishim
I talked to him during the run. My goodness, he was at least one full lap behind me.

A tall thin muscular Chinese chap
I saw him lying on the road grimacing. He still kept going limping every step of the way.

Alan Tiang
He was fat this year. I honestly thought he wouldn't the cut off and didn't have the heart to tell him. He was so far behind but he beat me with his funny way of big walk.

Peter Lau
The manager to Kimberly Yap.

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