Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I had the pleasure of sharing the same office with Anis not too long ago for a few years. She exercised once a while, maybe go treking thats all. Mother of a few kids etc. She said she used to cycle a bit before joining the working force.

I got a shock on KL Marathon day when Anis gave her greetings and said she completed the Marathon in 5 hrs 18 mins. That is really something. Even I can't do it. Definitely one of the greatest success stories I have come across.

Congratulations Anis


anis said...

thanks en. sofian. but still gotta improve more. u're my eye-opener for all this, u've set a very good example to me in doing all this kind of races. thanks a million!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Take care

mym said...

hey both of you
keep runnin