Monday, March 13, 2006

Back to the Grind - Bentong

Well the weekend was the A Farmosa race, but I only do one race a year. Since "no one" around, left home alone around 7.30 a.m. Late start as the bicycle had a puncture.

EDDIE and friends
To my surprise, at the Orang Asli Hospital area, there was Eddie, wife and new born boy, Adam. Eddie is here from Iceland for one / two weeks. The old gang also there, Andrew, Susan and many others were at the car park. This is a popular spot for cyclists.

I did the climb in about 56 mins, a few people overtook me, well I'm slow. At Genting Sempah, there was Ah Tuck and Albert. A short chat then it was down to Bentong.

As I was spinning down, A J suddenly came speeding alone. Wow what a small world. He had missed Boon Foo's group by 30 mins. So we got to chatting about Langkawi and New Zealand, very important stuff. Saw Boon Foo's group, they turned around at the hot spings. AJ was flying, so I had to follow suit. He dropped me at the end. We met Sunny and went to the famous ice-cream place.
AJ and all athletes are nice down to earth people. There are some well to do cyclists, but when there are with us, they are just one of the boys.

Ride back
It was hot. Hotter than Langkawi because there were no aid stations. Sunny and AJ way in front. I had to go to the Petronas station. Reached the roundabout in 1 hr 38 mins. 1 hr 32 mins for AJ. AJ waited for me twice, at Genting Sempah and at the Orang Asli. What a nice fellow.

It was a hot day. 155 km, 6 hrs 27 mins on meter. A very good ride I think. Could only sleep after that.

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Anonymous said...

good to see my old friend is keeping fit.

best regards from one of his Norwegian freinds