Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Langkawi Ironman II

Sorry I still don't know how to add captions.

The left pic is the lovely Dr Fiona Lim finishing her swim. We can be proud we have someone so lovely in our sport. She went just below sub 12 hours, her PB I believe and qualified for Hawaii. That was her eighth Ironman finish. Everytime we crossed during the run, she gave her lovely smile. She kept moving the whole way, thus the very good time.

Simon Cross
The right pic is with Simon Cross. He went just above 12 hrs. A PB for Langkawi though he has done sub 12 at Austria. He was flying on the run, just bouncing along. Simon was when he started, much fatter than me. Just look how he has changed. We wish him, wife and new twin sons all the best.

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