Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Langkawi Ironman 5

Thats the champ with me the next day at Sea View Hotel.

Jason Shortis

My favourite pro.
I first saw him during the 2003 Langkawi when I was finishing just before midnight. He was walking to the finish to cheer the last finisher. He turned around and cheered me on. Wow champion also can cheer me. I thought at that time.

You know he won Desaru one year and beat even the relay teams. His upper body is so big and muscular, thats why I especially like him. I saw him before the race finishing his practice swim. Said hello and told him how he cheered for me before, he said "oh its OK". what a nice fellow. So I really wanted him to win, and he did.

He was around third on the bike, way behind the leaders. He didn't seem to run very fast on his first lap. But he finished was ahead of everyone at the end.
I finished my bike just before he finished his run. I cheered him from the bike and he pointed the No. 1 to me. I lost a few seconds to cheer him from the transition tent. Aiyo I so childish.

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