Friday, August 26, 2005

Champions League Draw

Why is the photo so small?
My team has got Villa Real (Diego Forlan), Benfica and Lille. The top two teams qualify for the next round. There are no easy points in the group. On paper, United did not get another strong team. We shall see.

Saw the Debrecan game again. I am impressed with VDS and Heinze. Fergie has even said the defence collectively is the strongest since 1994. Well for me its definitely the strongest defence since the days of Peter Schemeicel (I know the spelling seems wrong). VDS has the respect of the defenders. The goalie constantly gives instructions to the defence. Would they listen to a rookie from USA (Howard)? Unfortunately VDS is going to be 35 this year. VDS has only let in one goal (pre-season) and has not made a keeper's mistake, incredible. To be dominant, a team needs a great keeper (Chelsea and Man U before).

Heinze got two goals. He also scored at the same ground for Argentina the previous week. He has been voted as the best all time PSG defender and the hardest defender in the French League. The MU fans voted him the best player last year. What a buy. (Hleb has also been a great buy for Arsenal, Wenger does it again).


tank said...

maybe we will see Forlan test his old friends at Old Trafford. with the genuis passing of Riquelme and the ever so willing Sorin, prove a tough one. haha. but Heinze will be a tough nut to crack.

sofiantriathlete said...

Riquelme plays for who??? He is a key player for his country