Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tuesday 26 July 2005

A good day.

I have slept well the past two nights and I feel completely recovered from Sunday (the power of SLEEP).

30 mins on the stationary bicycle and 30 mins swim in the "half past six" Istana Pool. The swim recovery is going quite well. My broken arm was not cracking. The World Swimming Championship is going on right now in Montreal. There is also a photo of Michael Phelps in the Star today. You will notice:

1. The ELBOW IS HIGH. When they pull, the elbow doesn't drop, only the lower arm drops.

2. Phelps extends his arm straight ahead (MAXIMUM REACH)

3. The other arm pushes right down to the thighs, palm closed.

Well its over, no more eagerly switching on the TV to find out what happened.

I felt so good with the adequate sleep.
So rush back and did one hour on the bicycle trainer

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