Monday, June 27, 2005

Sunday - party day

1. First time we drove to Pekan Batu 14 to start the ride at 8 a.m.
2. First time I have ever been to Perdang. Its a small quaint town in N. Sembilan. Turn off near Titi, about 25 km
3. We joined Dr Tan
4. I was not last back
5. I skipped dinner. Lunch around 5.30 n I slept at 6.45 pm

Dr Tan is training for Hawaii. There's three months, he hopes to do another 20 rides. He is very serious about it. Come lah, this is really a once in a lifetime trip.
Dr Tan is an excellent long distance cyclist. Actually he is better than me. He regularly goes sub 7 hrs in the extreme heat of Langkawi. Two years ago, I could not keep up with him on his training and actual Langkawi ride. He starts his ride late in the heat and his normal route (Ulu Langat, Titi, Broga, Perdang) is one of the hottest and driest areas in W. Msia.
We are all happy he has qualified on merit for Hawaii.


There was awesome Chew and Loong, then me and Dr Tan. We went slow to the junction (even below 20 km/h on the flat). Then I timed my ride up the KK hill (31 mins 13 secs which is a good time for me).
Chew n Loong had waited 30 mins for us. I still had to wait for Dr Tan, so they went.
We reached Perdang quite comfortably (3.5 hrs). New route, nice town. Had noodles.
Coming back, Chew n Loong went ahead after five minutes. Dr Tan actually dropped me at the first long hill. We went at a nice pace. Stopped for cold water, I knew I was going to feel good. Learning from my previous mistakes, I was constantly drinking water. It was the first time MY RIDE BACK WAS FASTER THAN THE RIDE GOING OUT.
At Titi I decided to up the tempo. I had no idea if Dr was close behind. Basically I went as had as I could all the way to the car. The climb was 49 mins 59 secs a very good time in the heat.

Reached the car at 3.24 pm (cycling time 3 hr 15 mins). Chew n Loong already gone. Dr Tan came at 3.53 pm. He had a puncture coming down KK hill. Chew said he got back at 2.50 pm.

Total cycling time was 6 hrs 45 mins, distance 160 km. A very good day indeed.

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